Welcome to UserApplePie's Mother Web Site.
UserApplePie is a fully open source user management system.
UserApplePie v4 Features
Bootstrap Design!
Font Awesome Icons!
New Custom Framework!
MVC Style Framework!
Registration Live Check!
User Management!
Group Management!
CSRF Tokens!
Clean URLs!
Easy to use Plug-Ins!
Easy Custom Pages!
Admin Panel!
Easy Install Script!
And Much More!
1/13/19 : UAP v4.2.1 has been released. We have updated everything to the latest Bootstrap and added the usage of the latest Font Awesome package. Added theme selection with use of 15+ Bootswatch themes. Made a couple bug fixes, and added new settings to the Admin Panel.
UserApplePie v4 Overview
UserApplePie v4 Features

Download UserApplePie

UserApplePie v4 has a custom MVC Framework.

Forums and Private Messaging Plug-ins Included.

You may visit the demo site: UAP 4 Demo Website

UAP 4 Demo Site Admin Login Info

Username: admin
Password: password123
UserApplePie 4 is designed to behave like a web site portal. Everything is opened from the index.php file.

Apache's mod_rewrite has enabled us to clean the URLs within the site.

You can visit the Docs page for detailed information on all Features.
UserApplePie is fully opensource! You may download and re-distribute the code in any form.
A link back to the projects would be appreciated, but are not required.

UserApplePie is a non-profit project, however donations are greatly appreciated.
If you need any assistance with UserApplePie, please read the Docs page or go to our Forum.

Thanks You For Your Interest in UserApplePie! Enjoy!
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When and Why was UAP Born?
May 2015
I (DaVaR) had a couple websites that I had running on old frameworks. They were outdated and the security was weak. I knew it was time to update and try a new framework. After some research I came across UserCake back in 2013-2014. I was still not very advanced with PHP, but had enough knowledge to edit and add features to the framework. I added many features and updates to my websites with UserCake as the Framework. I would help other UserCake users out with updates, add-ons, and so on. In May of 2015 I decided to strip down one of my websites to just the basic framework and share it with other users. I decided to name it UserApplePie because it was similar to UserCake, but still so different. That and I like Apple Pie.

After a while I found that the UserCake framework was holding me back. With the help of fellow coders I started researching PHP PSR Standards. I found that it was difficult coming up with my own framework with my knowledge. I decided to try a MVC style framework that I found called Simple MVC Framework. It was a good way to learn how MVC Frameworks are designed. Soon after SMVC Framework updated to Nova Framework. I used that framework until it got too big and not so easy to use.

It was time to create my own MVC Framework. With the help of some online videos and research, I created UAP4 MVC Framework. It still uses some of the libraries from SMVC Framework, but the core was created from scratch. I really enjoy building UAP4 so much that I have put my other web sites on hold. This has been a long road, but we are just getting started. I look forward to many years of improvements and additions to this lightweight MCV Style Framework.
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