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System Configuration

The system configuration is handled by the install script. If the install script fails, edit te app/Example-Config.php and rename it to Config.php

For the system to work properly you will want to edit the following within the Config file:

Site URL

/* Define Site Url Address */
define('SITE_URL', '');
The site url is used throughout the system mainly with links.

Session Prefix

/* Default Session Prefix */
define('SESSION_PREFIX', 'uap4_');
The session prefix is used with cookie sessions mainly for the remember me feature. You can use any prefix you like as long as it starts with an underscore.


 * Database engine default is mysql.
define('DB_TYPE', 'mysql');
 * Database host default is localhost.
define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');
 * Database name.
define('DB_NAME', 'uap4_demo_db');
 * Database username.
define('DB_USER', 'uap4_demo_user');
 * Database password.
define('DB_PASS', 'db_password');
 * PREFER to be used in database calls default is uap4_
define('PREFIX', 'uap4_');
The UAP 4 System relies on the database. It is built for mySQL, but may work with other sql databases. The Install Script will add all the tables needed to the database and insert some needed data.

There are a lot of other settings in the config file that you might want to edit. Use the forum bellow to ask questions as needed about these settings. Most of these settings will remain untouched. Edit with caution and always keep a back up of the Config.php file.

Admin Panel - Settings

In the adamin panel there is a settings page. This is where you can edit or setup the following system settings:

Site Title : Used to set the site title in html header of site.
Site Description : Used to set the site description in html header of site.
Site Keywords : Used to set the site keywords in html header of site.

User Account Activation : Used to set if a new member must confirm their email or not.

Site E-Mail Settings : If your server uses an outside email relay, set it up here.

Site reCAPCHA Settings : Make sure to update these keys with once provided by google Recaptcha.

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UAP 4 Documentation - Config

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